What is a Beacon?

What image your mind conjures when you think of a beacon? Maybe a lamp glowing somewhere far away on the top of a mountain or light blinking in a lighthouse. Just as a lighthouse is designed to convey certain information to passing ships, beacons are modern small Bluetooth devices that are used to transmit or communicate an important message to someone within proximity. These small wireless devices enabled with Bluetooth transmit a continuous signal meant for hearing by devices located at a short distance. This distance could range from a few inches to approximately hundred feet from the beacon. If the smartphone has relevant app installed and it recognizes the beacon, it will start a communication with the server to know if it has anything relevant to share.

Beacon as an important marketing tool

Beacons have become an integral marketing tool for many organizations. Since beacons disclose the location of the smartphone, many organizations sense it as an opportunity to send relevant push messages to their target audience about their products, promotional schemes, welcome messages, etc.

What is iBeacon?

The term iBeacon refers to the protocol developed by Apple which uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and was unveiled by the tech giant unveiled for the first time at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in 2013. Apple’s technology standards allow mobile applications running on either Apple mobile operating system (iOS) or Google operating system (Android) to pick up signals from beacons located in their proximity and act accordingly.  In other words, it allows smartphones to comprehend the location of the beacons on a micro-level and then deliver hyper-contextual content to the user by connecting to the server.

What is Eddystone?

In the above paragraph, we talked about iBeacon, the communication protocol developed by Apple. Similarly, Eddystone is the communication protocol developed by Google. It is an open-source, cross-platform Bluetooth LE (low energy) beacon format for communication with beacon devices nearby. It works on both devices running iOS and Android and offers convenient installation on a wide range of devices.

What is HeatMapper?

Heatmapper is a real cool and convenient way of mapping out the signal strength of your wireless network. You need to have a wireless laptop and then with it, you can easily get detailed specifics about your signal strength, signal issues, etc. It makes it extremely easy to get your work done at a fast pace and also keeps your Wi-Fi secure from outside interference.