The Amazing Thing About Outsourcing

I’ve decided that instead of hiring a team of staph when I start my small business, I’m going to try and do a lot of it as the only full-time staff member. How do you think that I’m going to do this? Does it sound absurd? Well, if you don’t factor in the fact that I am going to Outsource a lot of responsibilities to highly trained specialist, I’m sure that it does sound absurd. If you still think that it sounds absurd, I don’t think that you understand the value of the Outsourcing economy. The Outsourcing economy is an amazing thing, allowing anybody to access extremely specialized labor for a price that, may seem high, but compared to the cost of retaining the salary, taxes, and benefits of a team of staff? From my calculations and research, the cost of working with contractors on this sort of thing is significantly lower. For example, I absolutely plan on using IT outsourcing, and engaging with that market, as I think that it will be highly useful to have the specialized abilities of a professional software engineer and programmer at my fingertips for a short amount of time, and then to only maintain that relationship occasionally, when the need arises, rather than paying that person to constantly be on my staff. It seems that a lot of the most talented workers have moved to specialized labor, and I can’t blame them. Anyone that likes autonomy, freedom, and avoiding the monotony that comes along with office culture and nine-to-five work is going to choose to engage with the Outsourcing economy rather than become a menial employee, in my opinion well, maybe not everyone, but I think a lot of the most skilled workers are choosing to be Freelancers and contractors, and I can’t blame them. I’m going to use those people from to fill a lot of positions, especially in the early days of my business.