Guide to buying a lift recliner chair



People with difficulty sitting and standing can benefit from the best recliners designed in the form of lift chairs. Lift chairs are an absolute aid to safety, comfort, independence and convenience. But buying the right one is significant. In this article is guidance to the questions you should be asking yourself before the selection of your recliner lift chair.


Selection Checklist


  • What are the features you are in search of? (Infinite positions or two-three?)
  • What is the height and size of the user who will be using this chair
  • What are the other options that you would like to shortlist?
  • Do you have enough space for a lift chair recliner?
  • Does it match with the interior of your house?


Reclining features

Lift chairs now come in three basic reclining configurations that can be operated with a lever or a remote control.


2 position: The two position lift chair comes with limited reclining options. It is designed for comfort while watching television or while reading a book.


3 position: These chairs have more angle related options of the backrest. It can be positioned in a variety of reclining angles. It comes with an elevating ottoman which is ideal for people who are looking for a more reclined position than a seated position.


Infinite position: These lift chairs come in a complete reclining range. From sleeping to standing straight, they give you comfort at all angles.


Other features in lift chairs:


  • Massage and heat functions
  • Left or right remote control buttons (in-built)
  • Extra pockets for storage of remotes, snacks and magazines
  • Lumbar pillow cushioning
  • Snack trays and cup holders


Décor considerations:


You cannot just buy anything and place it between your well-designed interior of the house. Beyond the features of a lift chair, what is important is the options available in different colors, fabrics and design. Consider the interior and décor of the space in which you plan to keep your recliner. If you have a limited space in your room, then prefer the wall-saver design so that it would consume less space. The fabric which you select also plays a significant role in creating an ambiance. Research on the color and design that would look the best in your home. Brands that produce the best recliners offer customers more than 30 options in fabric.