Char-Broil Classic 360 2-Burner Gas Grill

Obviously, with a site like Survival Cooking, I was eventually going to get around to you know, cooking supplies. As a man who loves the outdoors, cooking at an outdoor grill is one of my favorite pleasures in life. This grill, made by Char-Broil, is quite a fine grilling experience, if you ask me.

The BTU levels on this grill are pretty good. The main gas grill clocks in at 35,000 BTU, and there is a side grill, as well, which produces up to 8,000 BTU of heat. The lid and firebox are sturdy and durable: they are made from steel and coated with porcelain.

On the opposite side of the main grill to the side grill is a decent sized shelf made from plastic, which allows you to store cooking products or utilize an extra little working space. I found it to be quite handy. In total, the main grill features 360 inches of cooking space, so, even though it’s not the biggest grill in the world, it is certainly a capable mechanism for cooking for a significant sized group– especially considered the extra 170 inches of space that is available on the side grill. On the main grill, the wire grates within the grill are steel, and they too are coated with porcelain. For me, I think that the spacing on the grill grating is a little too wide for my preference, slightly more than half of an inch apart, and also I think the wire itself is pretty light. Those criticisms just reflect my preference, but I would definitely suggest being extra to make sure the meat you’re flipping doesn’t slip through the cracks, if you are accustomed to something with smaller spaces.

I found that the ignition system was totally reliable and consistent, which is a major factor for me– I think it is very annoying when you can’t count on a grill giving you a sufficient spark 100% of the time. Thanks to the Piezo ignition system, this is not a problem with this grill at all.

While this is not be the most amazing grill in the world, I am happy to report that it is definitely above average, and it is very well priced. If you are not looking to break the bank and want to buy an outdoor grill from a grill that you can trust, I have no issue recommending this grill to you as a great option!

4 Tips about Keywords for your App

4 Tips about Keywords for your App

Keywords are a key factor in the app ranking algorithms. In simple words, Keywords are the words that you think people interested in your app would be using more than others. The more perfect the keywords you are using, the more people checking your app. The more people visiting your app page, the higher is the rank of your app, and thus the higher is the probability it would to be downloaded. Finding these words can be a little hard. Don’t worry, here are few guidelines to find and use keywords correctly.


  • Define the target.

Trying to sell a beautiful dress to a poor old single man is useless, isn’t it? The same thing is applied to your app. If you want people visiting you app page to download it, then you have to catch people with interests in it. You can do that through using keywords that people interested in your app would be using while typing their searching words. Define what category of people you are targeting, like students, football players or businessmen. From understanding the needs of your targeted people you can guess the right keywords.


  • Avoid redundancy

Repeating the same word in keywords is useless, even if in different places. If you have already mentioned some keyword in the title, then no need to repeat the same word in the description. That would be like painting your home in red and then drawing red lines on the red walls.

  • Write smartly

You are an app developer, sure you are smart. Use your intelligence in writing the keywords. Don’t use space combined with commas but instead use commas with no spaces at all. Spaces would be, without avail, counted as characters and reducing the number of words you can enter. You can also use short words instead of long ones, digits like “1” instead of a complete word like “one.” And remember that people can make mistakes in typing their searching words, make sure to take that in account.

  • Where to use them

Some app stores would give you a specific place to type down the keywords, some others won’t. In both cases you can always use the keywords in other places. You can use them smartly in your description and the app title. Make sure that the strongest keyword is mentioned in the app title. Most of app store rankings algorithm give the title the highest weight in searching engines.