When should you replace your fillings?


When should you replace your fillings?

Dental fillings by a Burnaby dentist intends to replace or restore the structure of your tooth that has been damaged because of decay. But dental fillings are not a permanent solution and can function only for a few years. Often times, constant consuming of alcohol, eating processed food and smoking can damage the fillings for which you require replacement.


Minor gaps:

When dental fillings crack and chip off, minor spaces are created between the filling and tooth. This gap becomes a target of food particles and bacteria which causes tooth decay. Removing the decay-causing bacteria is difficult with flossing and bacteria. Leaving your fillings untreated and undiagnosed can result in the development of dental pulp which eventually takes you towards a root canal. In severe cases, you can even lose your tooth.


Identifying the problem:

Generally speaking, the problems associated with your dental fillings are easy to detect at an early stage. The regular examination is significant to prevent the undesirable consequences. It may be hard for you to figure out whether you have developed cavities in dental fillings, therefore regular dental checkups are important to ensure that your fillings are in right shape. With the use of “explorer” a dental instrument, they detect the damaged spots in the fillings. When determining the quality of fillings, this instrument would help your dentist learn whether or not a replacement is required



For further analysis, dentists take a tooth x-ray to assess how much decay has been caused. X-ray results show a complete picture of your teeth and the filling. The dentists would immediately tell you if you need a replacement. In short, it is better to not wait for the tooth to decay or crack before you book an appointment with your dentist. Early identification can minimize the damage and costly procedure.



Replacement technique

Dental fillings can sometimes be replaced with the previous filling still intact. In this procedure, the dentist uses an amalgam. Amalgam is basically the silver fillings, a combination of silver, copper, mercury and tin. Many dentists today avoid using this technique because of the presence of mercury. New advancements and techniques in materials have helped the dentists to use better restoration methods like using acrylic resins. They are resistant to food particles and last longer than the traditional fillings. If you are worried about your fillings, contact your Burnaby dentist now to book an appointment.